Kindly use a bigger display

(preferably a laptop)

to participate in this research study.


Learn about the Park Study

Watch this video for information on how to complete the study tasks

The PARK study explores whether the use of web-based technology can measure day-to-day fluctuations in Parkinson’s symptoms -- and distinguish individuals with Parkinson’s from those who do not have the disease. The study involves the use of an online application designed to detect and measure objectively Parkinson's symptoms using video analytics.

Participants complete a series of motor and voice tasks online, such as tapping fingers, opening and closing hands, and reading text aloud. While completing these tasks, participants are recorded by a webcam. Participants must have Google Chrome on their desktop or laptop.

The PARK online application has the potential to enable anyone to measure Parkinson’s symptoms and monitor symptom progression -- anywhere through the use of a video camera.

The research is being conducted by the
ROC HCI Lab and the Center for Health + Technology
at the University of rochester

University Of Rochester